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Jul 22, 2002
  1. When I open my isp home page the address is preceeded by :
    A search bar opens followed by my homepage.
    I traced it to site gave me a seachbar uninstaller which did not work.
    I used Ad-aware,installed IE6 and disabled 3rd party browsers,checked for trojans......nothing.
    I changed homepages in internet options but it inserts itself in all of them.
    I have W98 SE and run Nortons antivirus and Zone Alarm.
    Please help,its driving me nuts.
    Fingers crossed here
  2. StormBringer

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    you should have warned people not to click the link and simply told us what it was. I clicked it to see what you were talking about and got an ad toolbar pop up at the bottom of my screen. No problem to remove I just closed it, then next time I opened a window, there it was. I ran adaware but it didn't find it. I ran Norton WinDoctor and think I got rid of it, there was an activeX command that I deleted and it hasn't poped up since.

    Hope that helps.
  3. Odin_GoW

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    Hi i infected myself with this thigng (dont know if i should call it a virii lol it just was stpid stuff but well done!....

    well lets go on-

    everything same cant remove it with usual antivirii software...
    so i deleted i manualy

    i show u how

    what u need to do is:

    start-run-regedit------- than search for {95f030 u will find 2 different key´s {95f03060-..... and {95f03061-... u will find them somehow 7 times specialy in key´s of InternetExplorer in toolbar delete all of themm!!! and also search for the entries in the key here it is fiecu...... and udgdv.bpp....... also delete them.
    in one of the keys in {95f03060 u will find the name of a .dll file this file is locatet at c:\windows\Aplication files\ in that folder felte all FILES --->NOT the folders if ur system says windows is still using the file ...cant be deleted ... first delete all entries u find inregestry than reboot and than delete aso this file and ur system is clean again

    best regards from
    Odin God of Walhalla
  4. Tarkus

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  5. Julio Franco

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    Yup, AdAware 6 should remove that, just make sure you download the latest reference file available.
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