Patriot launches SandForce-based Inferno SSD range

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May 14, 2010
  1. Patriot today joined the many manufacturers who have recently launched SandForce-based solid-state drives, announcing the availability of its Inferno drives. Armed with the SF-1222 controller, the 2.5-inch SSDs boast maximum read and write rates of 285MB/s and 275MB/s, respectively. Those speeds are increasingly common, as Corsair, OCZ and Mushkin have models with similar, if not identical specs.

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  2. Lurker101

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    They might be quite a bit cheaper than OCZz range, but I still can't justify spending $369 on a meagre 100GB.
  3. SF 1222 contoller or SF 1200 controller??
  4. Matthew

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  5. Jesse

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    Everything I've read says that Intel's X25-M G2's are the best in the market, yet drives like this have much higher write speeds. Can anyone give me a brief explanation on what makes intel drives so good, or whether these new generations of Sandforce based SSD's are as good?
  6. slh28

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    Intel's random read/writes are much better than most of the competition, which is the most important thing for OS use. The quoted speed is for sequential read/write which only really matters if you copy data to/from the drive all the time. It's kind of the same "headline number" as the number of megapixels for digital cameras, bigger does not always mean better.
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