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By jthetanker
Jul 10, 2009
  1. Well, all of this trouble started when that Conficker virus started going around. I have AVG Free, and at the house we didnt have the internet really at the time. I have a wireless adapter for the PC, but I dont use it. My wife decided to try it out, and it found a network and automatically connected to it as well as the internet, and I'm assuming that it caught something before AVG could update (the definitions were probably over a year old at that point). I can't get onto any anti virus sites, I cant get onto any microsoft sites, everytime I click a link in google or yahoo it directs me to ad pages. I thought it was conficker, and I've tried downloading all of the programs that supposedly find and kill it. I couldnt access them from this PC, so I got them from my parents PC and transferred them via USB drive. All of the programs said they couldn't find anything wrong. AVG fails to connect when it tries to update its definitions. I just now went to my parents and got the newest definitions and installed them manually. All of the problems are still here. The only thing that AVG found in it's scan was cookies (which were removed). I can't go to the malwarebytes page to get that, or the superantispyware page to get that. they come up connection interrupted, just like all the other anti virus pages do. Hijackthis does the same thing. So, we won't have any help from those, at least not right now. that makes the 8 step thing down to 5 steps. crapcleaner works, at least. It fixed the google problem, however Ive donw as many steps as i could now and I still can't go to any of those sites. What next?
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    Well, after browsing through tons and tons of different sites and cases where people couldnt get onto anti virus sites, I found one that recommended a program called simply super trojan remover. I tried it and it caught something (dont remember what it was called), and after I restarted everything works fine now. I am going to get rid of avg free and get avast, as I have heard many people say that dont like avg, and it didnt work too well in this case.
  3. jthetanker

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    well, after i got rid of that virus, i got malwarebytes, and avast, and together theyve found around 30 infections... malware is still goin...
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    If you would like help with the malware< please follow the Steps in the Virus and Malware Removal thread.

    When you have finished, attach the three logs and helpers will review them.

    Be sure to check the line in both Malwarebytes and Superantispyware for removal of the malware if found.
    Don't remove any of the HijackThis entries> we will guide you on that.

    Downloading and running various programs without instructions is not the best way to go.

    Addressing the antivirus program: Many if us think either Avira or Avast is better coverage that AVG> IF you would like to change:

    Avira Free


    It would be best to run a full system scan with the AV program, save and include the log in the attachments.
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