PC Sluggish when first switched on!

By Robin997
Mar 7, 2008
  1. hi everyone,
    i have noticed for a while that when i first turn on my computer which is usually after work each day, my pc is slow when i click on various things. After a while of it being on it speeds up.

    just wondered if anyone else has the same sort of thing with their computer when it is on for the first few miniutes.

    Also is this normal for a computer to be rather slow when it is first booted up after being switched off for over a day, but then speed up to normal speed gradualy?

    any comments welcome!
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  3. Robin997

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    i only installed a fresh xp about 3 weeks ago and since then i only have 1 fairly non demanding game installed, and practically nothing else apart from AGV, Windows Defender and spybot search and destroy.
    If I look on task manager right now, i have 29 processes.
    If I look on services on msconfig i have 80 services running, is that too many?
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