PC Wizard closes after a few minutes

By Debbie23
Jul 15, 2011
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  1. Using PC Wizard 2010.1.961 in Vista x64. It starts fine (run as admin), detects hardware & info OK, but automatically closes after maybe 5 min - every time.

    Like it has a timer. I can be viewing the screens & it will close, or it can be minimized to tray.
    Never any error msgs. It does create a log (in debug mode) - nothing in it indicating problem. Looked in event viewer - nothing about it.

    I can't actually see 100% of the settings window - must be my font settings. Doubt it has a "close after x minutes" setting.

    Downloaded the file again - compared them - identical. Uninstalled / reinstalled it - no change.

    Ran it w/o installing it (from zip file) - no change. Still shuts down after same approx. time.

    All other software from CPUID works OK - HW Monitor, CPU-Z.

    I contacted authors by email listed on their site - no reply in weeks. AFAIK, they have no users forum.

    Any ideas?
  2. Murr2k

    Murr2k TS Rookie

    Same thing happens to me. Don't know why yet.

    Win 7 Pro | Asus P7Z68-V Pro | 2600K | 16GB Kingston
  3. gapmiller

    gapmiller TS Rookie

    Same thing happens on my computer as well. Did anybody find a solution to this?

    Win 7 Home Premium | PC Wizard 2012

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