pc won't boot at all

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Apr 16, 2006
  1. I had my PC for a year or so... and it is a very noisy one. I decided to take a look (after a year of owning the pc). I was laying the PC on it's side, I accidently let it drop the way down, and it booted properly after I dropped it, I left it on. I looked around noticed something, the cpu fan it wasn't moving and everything else working fine. I thought it was something the connection to the MOBO, so I turned of the computer and plugged it in. The computer booted, but the fan wasn't spinning. I turned it of and pulled out the power cord. And I found out 2 of the fans blades were jamming the fan, so I moved it pushed spinned around great. Put back the power cord and I press the power button nothing happens. What do you think is the problem: I don't know what to replace the PSU or something else.
  2. maxbb1

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    so you say pc wont boot or nothing happens at all... does it hum into life or light up or what... have you checked the main cables coming in from the PSU?

    EDIT: you say you put the power cord back in... is it in?.. no offence
  3. provoke.bpk

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    Sorry I bought I new case recently with a PSU. I'm experiencing the same problems with the case bit this is a little bit better of. If i turn the PSU power switch off then on again the computer boots and fans start running for a second or so and then it shuts down. If I turn the PSU off then on again the same thing happens.
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    that happened to me once. i might be wrong on this, but for me, the heatsink wasn't connected to the main processor tightly enough. some kind of overheating failsafe. so it shuts itself off. retry with a new fan tho. just in case.
  5. provoke.bpk

    provoke.bpk TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 17

    Yeah I fixed it bought a new PSU and case looks great!
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