PCGA: PC software sales totaled $13.1 billion in 2009

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The PC Gaming Alliance (PCGA) today released its yearly Horizons Report, a research study encompassing all aspects of the PC gaming industry worldwide. Among the key findings revealed by the non-profit consortium is that gaming software revenue was a $13.1 billion industry last year, up 3% from 2008. This total includes retail sales as well as online gaming, digital distribution and online advertising.

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Another ambiguous report. Does this include online subscriptions, particularly WoW? How about those "throw away" games you get from Yahoo! and Comcast like Bejweled, Monopoly, etc.?

I mean I'm glad to see PC game sales doing well, but this doesn't really say where the sales are coming from.


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hello ..

yeah if it means good sales figure, then i'm happy for it means that piracy doesn't kill the market, yet i'm sure things could be better.

PC games are cheaper with better quality for most, yet because of the material & the high level of piracy, it make it a quite sensible market, scaring sometimes the good developers.

sure hope things get better & better & one day we can see the PC as one of the lead gaming machine.



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Let's hope it grows even more. That might encourage more companies to stop ignoring PC gamers.


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They do mention subscription games and transitions to free-to-play models hurting the bottom line, so I am assuming they have at least some measure of the MMO/online gaming genres in the numbers as well... But, I'm not going to join the PCGA just to find out! :p


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I'm sure the game companies (yes, even the smaller ones) will be checking that report out. This would probably be too much info for the average consumer. However I'm sure most of us would like a general breakdown of MMO subscriptions vs general game sales, retail purchases vs online purchases, etc.


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PC game sales are never going to reach their true potential as long as most of them require dedicated graphics cards, which most pre-built mainstream computers do not have. Brad Wardell at Stardock is onto somethign with scaleability.


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I love you PCGA, your doing the right the for the PC community. Richy2k9 is right about PC games.



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Sadly, the PC gaming world is on a decline because of the popularity of the consoles however IT IS THE BEST, consoles limit its users is so many ways.


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I could very well much imagine what would happen if piracy did not exist, the numbers would go through the roof. I guess only a small part of those sales were games.


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meh I think its because most of the PC games are moving to consoles watch when Crysis 2 comes out which users will purchase that certain media whether it be PC, 360 or PS3. We need more PC only games can't wait ti'll Civilization V hits the floor I just know that game is gonna rock! I also agree with the developers a bit of this is the pirates fault, can't do anything about it drm- clearly didn't work *coughs* ubisoft such a shame.
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