Pci just isnt enough please help.

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Aug 2, 2007
  1. HI guys, I'm new here. OK, here i go. I have a dell dimension 3000 Intel Celeron CPU 2.4 GHZ and 1.25 gb ram ddr. I really want to play more of the graphical demanding games without having to lower the settings. I'm really thinking of buying a new motherboard and i need your help. I dont have a clue about motherboards. Can you tell me what type I have and recommend me some motherboards that have pci express slots or maybe agp that is compatible with my pc. I also don't know about this "processor" thing. I thought it was part of the motherboard. Is there a better compatible processor I can buy out there?(Maybe like a duo core processor?) I want to my pc faster. Or maybe i dont need another motherboard? and I can just buy a faster duo core processor?Oh man I;m lost help me. Thx
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    HI! Your computer is a bit to old to upgrade. To be able to play todays games at higher resolutions and playable frame rates you'd need to invest around $1000.00 in a new computer.
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    Do not waste your time trying to upgrade the Dell Dimension 3000. It would need a new power supply, new motherboard, new CPU, new video card, and new memory. The outputs and connection ports are even different.
    The Dell Dim 3000 is a good basic home machine for word processing, spreadsheets, browsing and email. But it is VERY basic, at the bottom of the Dell desktop line when it came out. It is not rugged enough, nor versatile enough for what you need, even with a new board.
    Get a new unit, or build from scratch. It wil be less expensive.
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    Yeah, I've been through the same thing your going through. I just bought the most memory my computer could handle, and the best video card for PCI, the Nvidia 6200. And it worked fine on a lot of games from 2005 and earlier. But if you want to play something like Oblivion, or something newer, your going to have to buy a whole new system.
  5. pdyckman@comcas

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    If you decide to build a PC get a case with lots of cooling properties. Nvidia is making the best graphics cards. The Intel core 2 duo's are really good cpu's. Your GFX card will be a PCI-express. You would do best with 'dual-channel' ddr2 memory. The Nvidia 650i motherboard chipset is a good choice. Try to take advantage of the newer 1333 fsb cpu. The Intel 6850 is one.
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    ok thx for your help
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  8. nickc

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    ^ that video card would be as good as u could get for that computer, and the cheapest way to upgrade, but if u are looking to play modern games this will only work for a short time and u are still going to want a better computer.
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