peer to peer wireless problem (internet)

By kindled_spirit
Dec 2, 2006
  1. i have setup a wireless connection between an 2 adapters, both linksys brand but one is a notebook G the other is a external boxed USB G (both are speedboster) type. Now the lan works like a dream no problems whatso ever but i can't seem to get the host to connect the internet to the other wireless (internet is going through ethernet cable adsl) i have tried sharing the internet connection with the host this resulted in nothing happening so i stopped that and bridged it this allowed me to connect to the net via the wireless but had a really bad intermittant connection along with a 11kb download rate on a 2mb connection. so i'm back to cable till i find the solution. As for firewalls there are none on either machine atm i uninstalled them from both as a testing feature. ( i tend to setup networks with barebasics then add security lil by lil. so they will be re-installed later and i'll hopefully configure those properly. i did notice that the client isn't being given a DNS or a DHCP value from a fully automated connection oh yes and i am running WEP (i know it's not brilliant but its the best that is offered between Peer to Peer)

    thanks all in advance.
  2. kindled_spirit

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    oops typo was thinking about something else, it wasn't the DHCP that wasnt' being given a value that is enabled it was the DNS and default gateway.
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