Pen testing laptop suggestions

  1. So I've been looking for a moderately priced laptop that runs kali linux very well. I've heard a lot of good things about the thinkpad t430, but Im worried the laptop might be too outdated to run the newest version of Kali. The laptop will be running windows 7. If I go through with this, I plan on upgrading the ram to 8gb and upgrading to a newer ssd. Is this worth buying or am I better off acquiring a newer laptop? Im new to pen testing so my personal use of kali will be basic for the time being. My online class will cover things like dos, ddos, rat, root kits, sql injections, key loggers, linux terminal, reverse shells, and wifi hacking. Will this laptop enable me to do all of these things? (im also willing to look into getting a desktop if that's the best option)

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