Pentium 4 lga775 upgrade to Dual core or Core 2 Duo

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which model pentium 4 has socket LGA775 was implemented.
I mean which model brand hp or compaq or HCL or ibm ? year & model required.
I prefer to buy that model so that i can upgrade to latest processors.

Another question:
Will Pentium 4 with Socket LGA 775 supports any chipset model for upgradation to
1.Core 2 Duo
2.Dual core processors ?
If not pls give me the Chipset models support for the upgradation.

My plan is buy used pentium 4 LGA 775 & upgrade to new processor(only processor using same motherboard of the old one) which eliminates/reduces cost for upgradation.

Is this right plan or is there any complication in upgradation.


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pathardware first please read this:

The list of processors using LGA 775 are listed on that page. As for your question, YES some P4 motherboards might support Dual Core and Core 2 Duo.

My Current motherboard is an ASUS P5B-MX/WiFi AP and I'm running a P4 Prescott on it. The CPU support list on the ASUS website lists Dual Core, Core 2 Duo and Quad Core support (With BIOS upgrade). My P4 actually was part of a Compaq system purchased way back in 2005. After that the rest of the system (barring monitor and processor) has had major overhauls.

But, as for your plan, I would suggest you go about building an entry level new system by yourself.
Hi ritwik
After reading wikipedia only i got a plan of this but some of them are saying that even P4 LGA775 u have 2 check compatible chipsets too.
1.what are the chipsets coming along with P4 LGA 775 in the branded systems ?
2.What are models/brands of hcl,hp,compaq,ibm comes with this P4 LGA 775 (i am not asking assembled board) ?
3.Where do i get this used PC of these P4 LGA 775 (used branded models) ?
4.Is there any website to check released models of brands with hardware details from 2004 ?


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Well, take a look at the ASUS/ Gigabyte websites for LGA 775 chipsets that support both P4 and Dual Core/ Core 2 Duo.

As far as brands and models go, I can't really tell you much. My own system, as I said before, was a P4 Compaq. And I'm still using the same processor. However I can't remember the model.

But I presume that 2004 branded PCs would not have motherboards with Dual Core compatibility.

If you could specify your budget in putting together your rig we could help you assemble a new one. Anyway, which part of the world are you from?


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The problem with this approach is the fact that all the new Core 2 Duos and Core 2 Quads are Wolfdale-based and Yorkfield-based respectively i.e. 45nm, which is not supported on older chipsets. The Conroe-based CPUs are extremely difficult to find (with the exception of the Q6600), which leaves you with the E2xxx Allendale-based Pentium Dual-Core series, which are better than P4s but significantly slower than similar Pentium Dual-Core (not Pentium D) and Core 2 Duo models.

Look here for the chipsets that will support Core 2 Duo CPUs. Also, as stated above, if you find a motherboard with one of those chipsets, make sure to go to the motherboard manufacturer's CPU Support page for that board and see if it supports the CPU(s) you are planning to buy.

As for used PCs with those specs, eBay (or your local equivalent of it) is where you should look.

Good luck and let us know how it goes. :)
Hi ritwik,rage
I am from south india.

My plan buying a used branded(Not assembled) of Pentium 4 with LGA 775 with chipset (compatible to dual core or core 2duo processors) say you get it around INR 5000-6000(only CPU) then using same motherboard & chipsets we can upgrade to new processor (either dual core or core 2 duo). By doing this u save costs in buying new mobos,other compatible peripherals etc.,

New processor/upgraded in old/used mobos

Is this a practical feasible idea ? i searched all used branded PCs with pentium 4,LGA 775 socket but i dont get or come across any models/brands comes with this config.
Also i dont know which & when the brands used this config so that i can find according 2 the model.Here HCL,IBM,HP,compaq models in india.

Its hard 2 find which model/brands used this config ?


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Plug and play compatibility for most Wolfdale 45nm C2D requires Intel chipsets (G or P) 31, 35, 43, or 45. Keep in mind these Wolfdale CPUs are pretty much all you can buy.

Chipsets 945, 945, 946, and 965 are obsolete. Many 945 chipsets won't take anything better than a Pentium D. Good luck finding one of those. Everybody's pretty much trying to forget then, especially Intel. The 965s are pretty much limited to Conroe 65nm E6xxx C2D.

Intel chipsets 915 and prior, are only 32 bit hardware. You can't even put a Cedar Mill P4 in them

It's time to spring for a new board, move on!

Sorry, sometimes reality checks are a bit jarring. I appreciate and sympathize with the issues of location and money. That said, the truth is still the truth.


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Hi pathardware,

Please tell us your total budget including the upgradation to a new processor. Also what purpose will you be using this computer for?

For Rs. 15,000-20,000 you could assemble a new budget PC for yourself. If you are planning to spend in this range, let us know. We'll help you put together a rig.

But as for the old branded PCs, I think it'll be really difficult to find one of those models. And the motherboards that come with them will in all probability not support the newer CPUs as they are the 915/ 945 / 965 chipsets.

Bottom line: Not a very feasible or practical idea.

All the best. :)
Hi guys
It seems some of the IBM lenovo models comes with pentium 4 ,945 chipset so it may be possible for upgradation ?
If processor,socket & motherboard compatiblity for upgradation that is pentium 4 with socket LGA 775 - 945 chipsets.

is there any thing we have 2 check other than this for upgradation ?
basically i am not comfortable with assembled versions but ready to use branded used motherboards/processors like that..
Also i came to know IBM models used chipsets which r compatible for upgrading processors without any changes ?

Send me your suggestions


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@ captaincranky: Apparantly not. And I don't understand why he's being so stubborn.

@ pathardware: There are a lot of other things that you need to check. Firstly, find out which exact motherboard you're getting. Not just the chipset. Then go to the manufacturer's website and find out which processors are supported. Else just get the PC you're so hell bent on getting and then get the processor you want and see if that works. If it doesn't, I'm sorry, but we told you.

here's what you are looking for...Google or ebay or something similar to get a used system...

hp m1195c is the system you are looking it you will find it...
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