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Performance drops with Intel i7 & Radeon HD 6990M

By Mencil
Oct 31, 2011
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  1. Several months ago I recieved a custom Laptop from PCspecialist.co.uk and until recently it had met all my expectations. In the last couple of weeks however, I have noticed a significant drop in performance.

    Processor: Intel i7 2720QM 2.20Ghz
    GPU: 2Gb Radeon HD 6990M
    RAM: 8Gb DDR3
    OS: Windows 7

    The laptop was bought as a high power gaming laptop and it served its purpose very well until recently, when games that had been performing perfectly became sluggish and laggy.
    I have downloaded and run Passmark and it has given my processor a score of 2000 vs the normal 6-7000 for its type and the result for the graphics card was similarly far below the standard benchmark.
    The laptop doesn't seem to generate any heat even on intense games, even though it did so previously, so for whatever reason it doesn't seem to be working as hard.
    I haven't got many programs installed as the laptop was intended for gaming and light web browsing so the HD is relatively empty.
    Even Skype has been complaining of low performance.
    I'd just like to know what is wrong with my laptop and how I can get it's edge back.
    Any help is appreciated, Thanks in advance!
  2. Mencil

    Mencil TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ok, I have installed some monitoring software for my CPU and graphics card and I can tell you that even with a game running, the graphics card doesn't even seem to be active.
    This is using AMD System monitor.
    Is it possible that I have somehow gotten stuck on Internal graphics? I doubt this as most internal graphics probably can't manage Supcom even slightly but I don't know any other explaination. Everything I can monitor I am monitoring and neither CPU, GPU or RAM even seem to be coming close to maxing out and yet games are lagging and juddering and complaining about low performance.
    This never used to happen and is literally a last couple of weeks thing.
    Any help at all would be appreciated.

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