Philips TV Tuner/ Trust Sound Card conflict? Can't get TV audio...

By theo.aku
May 21, 2006
  1. Hello

    I've got a PCI card with a Philips 7134 TV tuner on it which I hadn't bothered reinstalling on my system after a recent Windows reinstall.

    Since I last had the TV tuner working I have installed a Trust sound card which runs on C-Media drivers (CMI8738/C3DX).

    I just installed the TV tuner but the computer isn't picking up the audio. When I open volume control there should be a TV channel mixer and there is not.

    I tried uninstalling both, reinstalling the TV tuner first and then the sound card but no luck.

    I have just noticed that the PCI sound card and the PCI TV tuner are sharing the same IRQ (3). There are actually 7 devices on IRQ 3. Could this be something to do with the problem?

    Please can someone explain to me why this is happening and what I might be able to try to get it to work.

    Thanks very much. Theo
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