Photo-based social network We Heart It nets $8 million in funding

Shawn Knight

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Odds are that you’ve never heard of We Heart It. No, it isn’t a music streaming service or the latest online dating website. Instead, We Heart It is a photo-based social network that blends elements of Pinterest with the fresh...

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FFS - All these "startups" nowadays churn out the same sh*t... hey look, join our photo sharing, video sharing social site... we're better than facebook nonsense!

If I see / hear about another flippin photo sharing, facebook wannabe start up being drowned in venture capitalist cash, I'm gonna tip something over!

Oh and look where they are based, ruddy California.. aint that a shocker!


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There seems to be as many social networking apps as there are social networking subscribers nowadays. In 20 years time you'll hear a person say "In my day we used to use Facebook & Twitter". Then the other person will answer "never heard of them".
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