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By davbell22602
Feb 5, 2011
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  1. Is there any pic resizing programs that work with forums? If so which one is the best and free to download?
  2. mike1959

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    I do photo work most days, and have most of the photo image editors worth having.
    To do a resize of a few photo's straight off the camera card, ready for email, I always use 'Faststone image editor'. ( Have used each version since 06-ish).
    It works on screen in a different way to most windows programs, in that when you have an image selected, there are no menus on screen. You get to them by moving mouse cursor to each of the four edges of screen. Resize is on the left, and the crop, and reduce colours options are as good as any image editior I have used.
    It's not Photoshop ! But it's free. Note that they make four different image programs, the last one on home page may suit you better. Go to;

    (My standard way of treating a photo for email is; 1) Reduce colours to 256, 2) Crop to suit, 3) Resize to suit, say 800 x 600, 4) Save under a different name to avoid losing the original.)
  3. davbell22602

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    Thanks. Also found this one PIXresizer.

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