Photo scanning problem

By thewolfe
May 5, 2004
  1. Photo scanning problem

    I have a Scanjet 3400 running on Win XP and WinMe and want to scan some family pics to upload to the internet.

    When I scan a pic the scanner scans the scanner bed plus the pic so the file is huge.

    Is there a way to just scan the pic or do I have to crop. If crop is the answer then what program can I use to crop.

    If it's "Paint", one pic is to large to fit in the "Paint" window and won't allow me to drag the "crop" cursor past what I can view.

    Got to be an easier way to do this.
  2. Terranova

    Terranova TS Rookie Posts: 31

    There is no need to crop, your scanning software should have an option to select the area you want to scan, do a preview scan first, then select the area you wish to scan by holding down the left mouse button and drag, a box should appear around that area, if not you may have to enable this option which is normally called freehand although it could be under a different name with your software, do another preview scan and adjust the box untill the preview scan is how you want it then do a full scan, this is how it is with my scanner, and most use the same sort of options and methods, hope this helps.
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