PHPBB Bridging with Coppermine ... maybe not?

By ahal
Feb 18, 2010
  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm having lots and lots of problems in trying to 'bridge' my forums with coppermine ... nothing seems to work. Ideal situation would be an integration of the coppermine gallery on the gallery page of the forum, but I couldn't be bothered messing with changing themes at this stage, which is necessary in order to achieve this.

    The main attraction is to have the same login username and password. HOWEVER, from a security point of view, might it be better to actually keep the two seperate, with registration required on both the forums and gallery? Just a thought that entered my mind, as a forum I often use seems to have been infiltrated in a bad way via the gallery, taking it offline for a week!

    Opinions most welcome :)


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