Pinterest may have just solved one of the mobile app industry's greatest dilemmas

By Shawn Knight
Feb 12, 2015
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  1. The fact that mobile apps now generate more money than Hollywood is no doubt enticing to enterprising entrepreneurs. Yet even with a great app, the odds of it catching fire and becoming a success are extremely slim which highlights one...

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  2. This "dilemma" could have been easily solved if Apple/Google cared about customers:

    Has anyone tried searching for an app in the Play Store? Sure, probably most people using an android have. So riddle me this, why is the search feature so poor? Where are all the filters?

    Why not create a set of filter where you can also search for apps that require or/and DON'T require certain access/privileges in your phone?
    I can only imagine just how many people would use these filters to get rid of crap apps that want access to everything you have on your phone.

    ...and so ladies and gents, the two powerhouses don't give a 2 cents about you.
  3. techseven

    techseven TS Member Posts: 18   +7

    This is really an excellent point! When searching for app there are absolutely no options offered...

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