Pioneer 107d problems : region locked for no reason

By mishell224
Jan 6, 2005
  1. OK I have a Celron 2.6ghz, 256m ram P4 running xp pro with sp2.
    My problem is my burner, Pioneer 107d, was copying a movie all is good suddenly errors, hmmm tried everyting couldnt read original dvd? rebooted comp checked all settings found in device manager it has locked to region 1 (im region 4 which was set on purchase), try to change and i get admin error and says please insert correct region media so I have tried a dvd and drive sits and spins without loading. OK so I reformat hard drive and it the dvd then registers as no region with 4 changes to go woohoo i say i change region back to 4 all is good till next reboot when again its locked to region 1 ok other than the hammer i have basically failed to solve the reason so I will just buy another BUT my question is if I install another dvd burner will the comp lock it as well cause i have read that i cant remove the dvd drive and put in another comp as it will still be locked (tried and it was) but if i install new drive will the comp automatically set it region 1 (are there hidden settings for this?) and if so what do i do? The real bugger is comp is only 5 months old and i dont want to have to replace hard drive, burner or mother board to eliminate the problem. I Thank in advance any who can help as this is so depressing thankyou
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