Drivers PIONEER DVR-109 problem

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Hi, I purchased a used DVR-109( used for two weeks) from eBay. I have two drives on my computer, the first one is (CD rom, That came originally with my computer), The second one is (CD writer That installed later). Then When I received the PIONEER DVR-109, I had to give up the first one (CD rom)that was set as MASTER and replace it with the PIONEER( I set as master as well) But never worked, The device manager in my system shows that the pioneer is working properly, But it's not working at all, My PC recognized the pioneer But the mouse goes slow and gets stuck every time I insert the installation CD to install the features and drivers. Even though I inserted the CD in the other drive(CD writer) just to read the contents and try to install it, But it freezes as well. It only happens with that (pioneer INSTALLER CD) but when I use another CD( any media or software cd's for example) it works fine on the CD rom But not on the PIONEER . Please help me. My pc informations are :

Packard bell
Pentuim 3
Win XP ver 2002/ service pack-2
601 MHz
256 MB RAM
I have 4 GB available in my hard drive


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Hello and welcome to Techspot.

Go into your device manager, and uninstall your optical drives. Reboot your computer, and Windows will redetect the drives. See if that helps.

Regards Howard :wave: :wave:
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