PlayStation VR2 could enter mass production later this year ahead of early 2023 launch

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What just happened? Sony could start mass production on the successor to its PlayStation VR headset later this year. Industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said his latest supply chain check suggests mass production will commence in the second half of 2022. Around 1.5 million units could roll off the assembly line during this initial run said Kuo, adding that Sony may launch its next-gen virtual reality headset as early as Q1 2023 if there are enough titles ready.

Last week, Sony said it will have more than 20 major first-party and third-party games ready at launch. For comparison, the first-gen headset landed with over 40 titles to choose from but most amounted to tech demos or mini games to familiarize players with the platform.

Sony will host its next State of Play later this week on June 2. The presentation will feature nearly 30 minutes of PlayStation-related announcements and updates plus a sneak peek at several games in development for the PlayStation VR2.

Sony teased the PlayStation VR2 headset and Scene controllers in February. The design was inspired by the PS5 and includes several quality of life improvements such as a ventilation system to prevent the lenses from fogging up and an adjustment dial to fine-tune the distance between your eyes and the lenses.

Not a lot is known on the technical side but we do know the headset will support 4K HDR visuals, use inside-out camera tracking and connect to consoles using a single cable.

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Wish it was wireless. That's my only complaint. I have the PSVR and I enjoy a few games on it occassionally.