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Please help, bios not coming up

By dutchman
Aug 21, 2005
  1. I just purchased a new ECS motherboard with a athlon 64 3200+ processor. I put the motherboard in an old box, put the processor in (which didn't go as easily as i would have hoped, though I didn't have to put much force to put it in, it certainly wasn't no force). I then put silver paste or whatever it is on the processor, and put a heatsink/fan on top. I put in the memory, attached hard-drive, etc. When I boot the computer, I don't see anything. The monitor flicks on its orange light when I turn it on, and I can't tell what's happening. Both the case fan and the processor fan turn on, the CD-ROM starts spinning with a CD in there, but the LEDS aren't working (though I seem to remember them not working on the old pc...) No bios messages ever appear. How do I troubleshoot whether this is a memory/processor/motherboard problem? There was an excess of thermal grease that squeezed out from beneath the heat sink, which I tried to remove as best as possible. I think I feel heat coming from the processor (i took the heatsink off), but I don't want to let it run too long because it might overheat. How long can I just let it run with no heatsink? Is this hopeless? Please help, my first computer build.
  2. SNGX1275

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    The processors just fit right in man, if you had to force anything you could have bent one of those.

    It sounds like you dorked up your cpu, but a lot of the time its not as bad as initially expected. Take off your heatsink and fan, and remove your cpu and look at it. Did you bend anything? If you did, you did dork your cpu, and its not likely to ever work again. Those things should be pretty foolproof to install though if you just look at the pin layout on the cpu and on the mobo.

    If the thermal paste squished out then you put too much on, but thats besides the point now and you probably know you put too much on since it squished out.

    You shouldn't ever run it without a heatsink, but the mobo/processor are supposed to shut down before anything fries on new stuff.

    Post back with what your cpu looks like on the pin side when you remove it. Also, take a look at the link in my signature, it will help you in the future.
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