Please help computer keeps restarting.

By RealGoneKid
Dec 13, 2004
  1. Hi I just got a new computer and need some kind help.

    When I play certain gaems my computer keeps restarting and wont let me play online games such as legend of mir.

    My computer spec is below I was wondering if anyone can help with this annoying problem.

    Pentium 4 - 3.0 gigahertz processor

    1 gigabyte of DDR Memory

    80 gigabyte hard disk drive

    256 megabytes geforce 4 fx 5400 graphics card

    5.1 digital surround sound

    16x dvd rom drive

    3.5 inch floppy disk drive

    10/100 Ethernet network card

    Windows xp professional

    mcafee anti virus 8.0

    mcafee firewall plus 2005 edition

    mcafee anti spyware 2005 edition

    17" TFT flat screen monitor

    5.1 surround sound speakers + subwoofer

    standard keyboard and mouse
  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Go to Control Panel>Performance ,Maintenance>System> Advanced tab > Startup & Recovery.
    select the Write an Event to the System Log , and Uncheck the Automatic restart.
    Video card drivers and video settings in Bios often interfer with games ,but it will help if you get some error messages .Make note of them and then post back.
    Also check that your firewall and/or antivirus is not conflicting.
  3. Athena

    Athena TS Rookie Posts: 66

    What kind of video card do you have again?
    Try opening the PC by taking the side panel off and play for awhile that way. If this "fixes" the games it just means you have a heat problem and need to add more fans to your case.
    Good luck! :)
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