PLEASE HELP !! Lost Webcam Driver !!!

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem, I have a Webcam that is queit old but cant get hold of another atm.

Ive lost the disk to install the driver for it, and need to install the cam to stream. I have checked the "Drivers Guide" on here and tried to look myself but i have limited knowledge and may not be doing as good as others can.

PLEASE can anyone help, all the info I have on the cam is below...

cam is a " Blue Thunder "

on back is a serial number which is : PC002409

There is no other info i have. But here is a description of the cam incase anyone has seen one
or knows what i mean.

It is standing on a blue foot, the trunk goes up like an upside down pear shape.
It is Flat facing ( not round ) and is grey colour on the front. The lense is black. and theres
a little green light to the top left on the front.

Under the lense is the words BLUE and under that THUNDER,
with a Bolt of lightening as the "N" in Thunder.

Please can anyone help? Much appreciate any help given

this is the name of the camera !!


just found out hte name from a picture on ebay

can anyone help please?
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