Please help me choose my GPU

By combatantdrip · 6 replies
Nov 1, 2012
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  1. Hi, I am thinking of buying either HD 6870,GTX 560 or GTX 650 ti...
    Which is better considering I will be playing latest games such as AC-III,crysis 3 etc??
  2. junky77

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  3. combatantdrip

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    I dont understand,these three cards are my options
  4. junky77

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  5. spencer

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  6. spencer

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    If none suits you then out of the three I would pick the 650ti, it's effcient fast and fairly good and on newegg you get ac3 for free with it. It costs 160-180. 7850 is a lot more powerful though and costs about the same, with it you could probably play crysis 3 on high. and crysis 2 on max but 650ti is unlikely to play many games on max well.

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    Best are probably an xfx radeon hd 7079 which I found at the price of 300€ on otherwise maybe a nvidia gtx 680; the nvidia stuff costs a bit more than amd I find, however the software on amd components is shite.

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