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please help me with fable

By lifes_joke
Sep 15, 2007
  1. hey i signed up to techspot jus for this so yea. i got oblivion and fable for my pc the other day and i cant play either one. first, i got oblivion kinda knowing i couldnt play it but i tried and it didnt work. so then i got fable thinking whatever. i need a new game. but then fable doesnt work. so i look at my video/graphics card (2 stuipid to know what it is) and it is geforce 4 mx 420. im pretty sure that is horrible. and just to verify, when i start oblivion i get a windows error no matter what i do and when i start fable, i get a runtime error. i can post what they both specifically say if ne1 needs me too. but, i found a 256 mb card online that i was gonna buy and i would like to hear from anyone here if there is a different way to solve it other than spending money
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