please tell me im not s.o.l

By kytrina
Mar 22, 2005
  1. :blush: hi all : ) im at witts :knock: end here : ( . just got a new amd 64 3400 + 512 mb of pc3200 has a fx 5200 vc . the only game i have installed has been lineage 2 . upon entering windows from game or plainly exiting game computer crashes im dying here ! : ( can and will anyone please please help ! : ) oh one more thing this never happend w/ my p4 w/ with same vc and terrible 133mhz ram . thanks for helping !
  2. KurtisLow

    KurtisLow TS Rookie

    Are you running XP?
    Do you have SP2 installed?

    Maybe the game is having a problem with sp2.

    I recently tried reinstalling a game that I never finished.
    Freedom Force.

    It had major sp2 problems, and they just recently came out with a fix for sp2.

    Just make sure you have the lastest drivers for your VC & make sure you
    have the latest fixes for you game.

    I hope that helps some. :D
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