plz HELP pc wont boot correctly

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im not sure where to put this but im in kind of a crisis right now.

When I boot my computer, the monitor just stays black, then the pc beeps once and a wierd voice says something through the speakers which i cant understand for the likes of me (its too fast and static-y).


im able to HEAR everything being booted up perfectly. I can hear the XP welcome music and hear the beginning services being started up. When i press the button to turn it off (since its still all black) i hear the shut down music.

WHAT HAPPENED!! please help. i need my comp more than ever right now.

is there any way i can reset all the mobo settings on the mobo itself? help!


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Unplug the system and wait a few hours (30 mins)... While you wait check the monitor connections to see if any pins are bent. See if the power you connect to is faulty. Check all connects and don't do it in dim room.

If everything checks out okay try to turn it back on again. If you can reset the Monitor back to factory.

When you boot-up the system right after press F8 a few times then put the system in SAFE MODE. See if you can get into that and something should show up.

What were you doing prior when this was happening?


it may not even be a problem with the computer itself. just the monitor. eventually if they get old and worn with use, eventually the monitor will fry itself. i had one that couldn't take the constant usage and just overheated and died. you might even want to try hooking up the pc to another monitor just to be sure.

if that doesn't fix it, then you can be SURE it is a problem with your pc. something may even be wrong with your video card. video cards, should they get too hot, can actually warp, crack or snap. and ANY damage to the video card can cause it to die.

open up your computer and see if there is any visible damage, i.e. your video card tried to render a fire, and succeeded. check to see everything is plugged in etc. if nothing is visible, and you tried what tipstir suggested, then i have no idea what else to tell you other than seek professional assistance, or worst case scenario, get a new computer altogether.

if it's any consolation, it doesn't sound particularly serious at all.


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I know what the voice says now

It says "System Failed VGA Test"

but the thing is it actually worked this one time for about 10 minutes!
It came to a screen that said something about bad CMOS settings and gave me a choice between F1 and F2.

I accidentally chose F2 (load defaults and start normally) then after about 10 mins it froze, crashed, and rebooted itself to the same error, back at square one.

When it DID work that one time everything worked normally. It cant be the monitor.

---Thanks for all your help guys you have no idea how much i appreciate it.


i did some research and i found a variety of potential factors. it turns out i might have been right and it seems you have a problem with your video card. that being said, there a few things to look for.

1) Certain cards can't handle the job without enough power. your power source unit, PSU, might not be giving it sufficient power. Try buying a new PSU if this is the case.

2) Make sure the video card fits snugly. Sometimes if its hanging a little bit out, it can cause a similar error.

3) The biggest problem is a motherboard conflict. Certain cards aren't meant for particular motherboards. Yes it might fit, but the formats etc might not be meant for it. This means get a new card, or get a new motherboard.

and 4) There might be a setting in your BIOS where you can change around the speeds. But I'm not too familiar with BIOS. Might want to consult someone else about that.

Aside from that, if you're absolutely DESPERATE for more help, you wouldn't believe how much help google can give you. If you type in your exact error message, then you'll find thousands of people with the same problem. and thousands of problems have to have a solution someplace. half the info I gave you was from doing that. not to mention there are plenty of people on these forums who are capable of fixing it for you.

have a look around and i hope your problem gets sorted out.


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a beep indicates hardware failure. You did read the guides forum right?

I would say your graphics card was underpowered. You DID get a beefier PSU with the new card right? (and used a PSU calculator with 30% added?)
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