Possible infection- Help please

By cheesethin
Feb 21, 2008
  1. When doing a regular S&D scan it found two instances of w32.delf.uc in the registry giving firewall permissions. I cleaned these.

    Then I tried to update ad-aware to run that as well, and the update would not download using the ad-aware application, it kept failing. I then tried to manually download the def file from lavasoft and that download would just hang as well. I then tried to download ad-aware 2007-the main program to try a fresh install and this download would hang as well. I got suspicious as I can download other software from other sites, just not ad-aware.

    I have now run all the 'preliminary removal instructions' as per Julio's thread. I downloaded adaware2007 on a different computer. Adaware would not run in safe mode - it came back with access violation. I have the codes if required. I ran adware in normal mode.

    Nothing was apparently found by anything other than AVG Anti-spyware - see below.
    The Panda anti-rootkit found nothing.

    I couldn't make AVG anti-spyware save a log so here are the two things it found:
    C:\Documents & Settings\Ric\My Documents\Personal\CJ_1284.exe Not-A-Virus.Joke.Win32.flash.
    C:\Documents & Settings\Ric\My Documents\My Programs\EvID4226Patch223d-en.zip

    One is a utility I used ages ago to tweak setting for utorrent & the other is a joke flash thing.

    I have attached HJT and combofix logs.

    I tried to download zonealarm (I already have it installed) to do a clean reinstall and reset its permissions but I couldn't download it from zonelabs web site- once again the download would just hang. I did get it from a different website.

    The only other symptoms, other than the hanging downloads for adaware and zonealarm are 'a general sluggisness'

    Any help/insight gratefully received.

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