Power outage during defragging

By learninmypc
Apr 19, 2014
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  1. I've been hesitant about asking this but since it "almost" just happened to me, what should one do if there is a power outage while defragging?
    I had literally just got done defragging my W7 & had started surfing the web when the monitor went black & off as did my TV. Now if that would of happened during a defrag, would it mess up anything?
    I've since restarted the W7 & turned my tv on, but still curious, thank you. :)
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,131   +982

    D I S A S T E R !!!

    A laptop will survive due to the battery (assuming you can run with it - - sometimes it's dead and SOL),
    but a desktop will likely get corrupted.

    I you live where there are frequent brown-outs (aka power outages), by all means get a UPS.

    a) always run CHKDSK C: /F /R first
    b) never run defrag and then go shopping (ie leave it unattended)
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  3. learninmypc

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    Ok & thanks. Thankfully my W7 tower had finished but I'll bookmark this for the info.

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