Pre-orders for the world's first 8K OLED television are about to begin


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With a resolution of 7680 x 4320, the 88Z9, which was first shown off at CES 2018, boasts four times as many pixels as today’s 4K sets. While you can buy 8K televisions, this is the first OLED version to hit the consumer market.

While there’s barely any native 8K content available right now, the 88Z9 uses its second-generation Alpha 9 8K processor to upscale images. Samsung’s Q900R line offers the same feature via its Quantum Processor 8K, which the company says can upscale content to an 8K resolution without the usual jagged edges and noise associated with the technique.

LG says the TV will use deep learning algorithms “that can up-mix two-channel audio to deliver convincing virtual 5.1 surround sound.” There’s also support for Dolby Vision HDR, HDMI 2.1 for allowing 8K at 60fps, and it comes with Google Assistant.

The TV boasts all the benefits of OLED, such as darker blacks, wider viewing angles, and higher contrast. While burn-in is still a concern, LG says its models do not suffer from permanent image retention when used as a normal video or games display.

As you might imagine, the 88Z9 carries a heavy price tag. It retails for 50 million won, which is around $42,000, though South Koreans can save some money by pre-ordering at the 40 million won (roughly $34,000) price; they also get a free air purifier for buying early, according to The Verge.

Residents in North America and Europe can get the TV when it launches in those regions during Q3 this year.

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Just when I was thinking about buying a car or paying off my student loans! Heck, I'm buying an 8k TV! *sarcasm*


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Save around $8,000 off the $42,000 price by ordering early

xD Yeah I wasn't going to buy that but when I saw that I can save 8k$ I am all in.

Sometimes you just need that extra cherry on top. :p

Seriously, though, it could be another 5 years (at a minimum) before these are worth buying.


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I think I will go for saving $32,000 - $37,000 by buying late. Although I'm skeptical there will be 8K content by then either.


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The aspect ratio is more like a square opposing a theater like experience... Weird!

Prefer the aspect of the scene behind the TV in the 2nd photo....


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As much as I love oleds, my Samsung qled does an amazing job. There are tooany compromises with OLEDs to justify the price difference between QLEDs. I'm rarely viewing in a completely dark room and the full array local dimming gets me close enough,to my eyes, to perfect black. I think I'm going to deal with QLED until micro LEDcomes out.


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It better be one heck of an air purifier that came with it.

I'm gonna wait till the price come down to $1200 a couple handful of years from now.