Printer problem

By Maurice
Mar 9, 2005
  1. Firstly, my printer is an Epson C42UX. a basic machine, not one of the all-singing, all dancing variety, but it suits my needs. I run XP Home.
    I printed a seven page document, but it started all over again, I didn't notice that while it was printing there was no "banner" showing the printing in progress, & no ghosted Epson notice in the tray, to start printing, it brought up the large banner, the one with "preferences" but I just clicked print from there, which I've done loads of time before.
    I stopped the printer by pressing a button on the machine, but when I next booted-up, & needed to print something else, directly I turned it on again, it started printing the same lot of pages
    Unless you people have another idea, I thought I could go & cancel the print queue, but have forgotten how to do it, can someone help please, I have a lot of documents to be printed out, so it is urgent.
    If it means cancelling the print queue, can I do that while it's still printing?, but I have a suspicion that is something else causing it, but can't think what it might be, I went to printer & faxes help, & followed it through, but in the end, they couldn't help.
    I don't want to cart it round to an Epson dealer/repair shop that I use in town, 'cause he'll keep it at least a week, & I can't afford the delay, so I hope that, between you, you can come up with something,....I hope I can correct it by going to the print queue!!!
    Hope you can help.

  2. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Hey Maurice, can you get the updated printer software rather than let windows xp sp2 install for you. A updated printer software is wayyyyy better than SP2.

  3. Maurice

    Maurice Banned Topic Starter Posts: 646

    Sorry Lucan, not sure what you're saying, I can't see how SP2 comes into it, I am very strongly anti SP2, friends who installed it, have now got problems that they didn't have before, what's your view on the print queue idea?, & if it will work in my case, how do I do it?

    Thanks for replying. Maurice
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