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Hi guys

I seem to have encountered a problem with printing via ip. I have recently connected a photocopier up to our network via ethernet, however it was going through a wi fi extender as the room the printer was in didnt have any ethernet points.

however, the room has now got a ethernet point and when the printer is connected directly into the ethernet point (which goes into a switch before it goes to the router) it doesnt seem to pick up a IP address on the network, but when it's connected via the wi fi extender, it works fine.

has anyone got any ideas?


Gabriel Pike

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Check the obvious first. Cables and connections to verify that everything works. Check that the ethernet interface on the printer is set to DHCP. I have seen ethernet cards on printers fail over the years but it is not common.


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It is possible to manually configure the printer IP settings -- typically use an IP outside the DHCP range. If the range is x.2->x.100, then set the printer to x.128

You will also need:
  • mask
  • gateway x.1
  • dns &