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Prior Art Catalog and Reference Collector

By mikewotton
Jul 28, 2005
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  1. My Collection, Prior Art Catalog Reference Library

    I collect Prior Art Materials and Have a library of over 250,000 catalogs, ( I've lost Count). I also collect interesting product samples of which I have over 35,000 samples from the fields of Toys, Games, Cooking Appliances, Cell Phones, Corded Phones, Arts and Crafts Products, PDA's, Calculators, Consumer Electronics, Radios, Sporting Goods, Exercise Equipment, Tools, Gadgets, Automotive, Photography, Plumbing,Clothing, Jewelry, Gizmos, Novelties, Video Games, Seasonal Products, Stationery and lots more.

    I began to collect for my own personal enjoyment. The Catalogs have proved invaluable to me for prior art research purposes related to my own patents. I have about 8 issued patents with several more pending. I do occasionally search for prior art for others on a case by case basis. NONE OF MY CATALOGS OR SAMPLES ARE FOR SALE EVER.

    My collection has vintage to brand new catalogs, both retail mail order catalogs and wholesale trade catalogs. I have been a collector of catalogs for over twenty years.
    I must have the World's Largest Collection. It's a virtually the ultimate prior art research library.

    Some More About My Collection.

    I have 100's of catalog titles in my prior art search collection. Many of the catalogs are in very long runs covering years of publication. Some are vintage going back to the 20's right up to present times.
    I have Toy Fair and Pre- Toy Fair Issues from the 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 2000's. I literally have 10's of thousands of wholesale, trade and retail toy catalogs.

    Only some of the 100's of titles in my Toy Catalog Collection include;

    Milton Bradley Toy Catalogs,
    Kenner Toy Catalogs,
    Pressman Toy Catalogs,
    Coleco Toy Catalogs,
    Ideal Toys Catalogs,
    Tomy Toys Catalogs,
    Selchow and Righter Catalogs
    Little Tikes Catalogs,
    Parker Brothers Bros. Catalogs
    Dakin Catalogs,
    Steiff Catalogues,
    Applause Catalogs
    Trendmaster Catalogs,
    Ty Beanie Baby Catalogs,
    Nasta Catalogs,
    Fun 4 All Catalogs
    Blue Box Catalogs
    Kusan Catalogs,
    HG Toy Catalogs
    Laramie Catalogs,
    Oddz On Catalogs,
    Basic Fun Catalogs,
    Amloid Catalogs,
    Sears and Roebuck Christmas Wish Books,
    J.C. Penney Christmas Toy Books,
    Montgomery War'd Christmas Books,
    And Lots Lots More!

    I have Toy Catalogs galore from Japan, Germany, Brasil, Brazil, England, Italy, China and more.
    Fisher Price Toy Catalogs,
    Hasbro Toy Catalogs,
    Mattel Toy Catalogs,
    Playschool Toy Catalogs,
    Spinmaster Toy Catalogs,
    Disney Store Catalogs
    Doll Catalogs,
    Plush Toy Catalogs,
    Model Car Catalogs,

    The toy catalogs are just one catagory in my vast collection.
    I have been a serious catalog collector for over twenty years.

    I have literally thousands of toy samples made over the past 100 years as prior art product reference.

    Electronic Plush Toys,
    Board Games,
    Water Sprinklers,
    Play Sets,
    Building Toys, RC Vehicles,
    Arts and Crafts Products,
    Drawing Sets,
    Learning Toys,
    Electronic Toys,
    Leap Pad Like Products going back 40 years,
    Sports Toys and Balls, Puzzles,
    Kid's Furniture, Kid's Girls Jewelry Making Sets kits,
    Painting Sets,
    Activity Sets, Electronic Building Sets

    I also have at least 200,000 catalogs in just about every other product category. I have probaly the Largest Prior Art Catalog Reference Library In America or even the entire World! Clothing Catalogs also are included in my VAST prior art catalog research collection.

    I have 1,000's and 1,000's of clothing catalogs from the 1880's to the present, vintage to modern. I am a crazy catalog collector,

    These catalogs are more important to an inventor than you might think. There have been tens of thousands of patents on clothing and accessories.

    I have 100's of titles with many nearly complete runs covering decades of some titles;

    L.L. Bean Catalogs,
    Orvis Catalogs,
    Land's End Catalogs,
    Sports Pages,
    The Sporting Life Catalogs
    Victoria's Secret,
    Brooks Brothers,
    Harley Davidson Clothing Catalogs,
    Children's Clothing Catalogs
    Abercrombie and Fitch,
    Appleseed's Catalogs
    Johnny Appleseed's Catalogs
    Old Pueblo Traders Catalogs
    Unique Petite Catalogs
    Speigel Catalogs,
    Bloomingdales Catalogues,
    Sears Catalogs,
    Montgomery Ward's Catalogs
    J.C. Penney Catalogs
    Playboy Catalog Catalogs
    International Male Catalogs
    I. Magnin Catalogs Catalogs

    Literally hundreds more titles. It's fun to search through old catalogs.
    It is a fun resource and gives great insight to all the prior art out there to discover.

    Tennis Wear Catalogs, Formal Wear Catalogs, Shoe Catalogs, Accessory Catalogs, Watch Catalogs, Handbag Catalogs, Purse Catalogs and many many more!!

    Cooking Catalogs
    Chef's catalogs
    Williams and Sonoma, Hundreds
    Tool Catalogs,
    Gadget Catalogs
    JS&A Catalogs, entire run
    Sharper Image Catalogs, Over 200 issues
    Brookstone Catalogs
    Hammacher Schlemmer Catalogs
    FAO Schwarz Catalogs
    FAO Schwartz Catalogs
    Trading Stamp Catalogs
    S&H Green Stamp Catalogs
    Plaid Stamps Catalogs
    King Korn Stamp Catalogs
    Top Value Stamp Catalogs
    Cigarette Premium Catalogs
    Marlboro Miles and Gear Catalogs, All
    Camel Catalogs, All Copies to date
    Budweiser Catalogs
    Coca Cola Collectibles Catalogs
    Belnap Catalogs
    Furniture Catalogs
    Jewelry Catalogs
    Lawn and Garden Catalogs,
    Consumer Electronics Catalogs,
    Telephone Catalogs,
    Radio Shack Catalogs,
    Garden Catalogs
    Gardening Catalogs,
    Home Improvement Catalogs,
    Plumbing Catalogs,
    Giftware Catalogs,
    Novelty Catalogs, Cookware Catalogs,
    Kitchen Utensil Catalogs,
    Automotive Accessory Catalogs.
    Video Game Catalogs,
    100's of licensed character style guides,
    Tupperware Catalogs

    The list goes on and on. I'm really going to try to count them all. I must have over 250,000 by now.

    They have been a fun thing to collect and given me a great personal prior art reference library. I have very little in the way of software, maybe only 200 different vintage programs and obsolete Operating systems. But I collect the unusual obsolete hardware.

    I have 30 vintage working laptops, some weigh over 20 lbs, 25 different obsolete PDA's with bizarre accessories, Video Game periferals from the dawn of gaming, 100's of electronic vintage tech gadgets, 40 different stand alone video game systems, over 1,000 vintage game cartridges and discs.

    Probably the world's largest privately held collection of prior art patent research reference.

    If you have a similar interest,
    Please contact me
    email removed

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