Problem uninstalling Rome Total War

By wallyworlds
Dec 22, 2009
  1. I tried installing Rome Total War last night, an everything was going fine. I swapped to the 2nd disc an then it slowed down my computer considerably. The prgress bar was stationary for at least an hour. I needed to go to bed and my parents did not want me to leave the computer on so i cancelled the installation.

    I tried reinstalling it again this morning and the opening popup menu from the game says PLAY ROME TOTAL WAR which seems weird because i never finished installing it, i only got to the 2nd of 3 discs. the option for installing was darkened out. so i tried unstalling by going to Programs and Features. The game did not show up there. Next i tried restoring it to the point before i installed the game but the restoration never actually completes, it says it encounters some unknown error and had to stop.

    How can i get rid of the game from my system? I really want to play it, so the only way would be to reinstall it.
  2. mailpup

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    If this happened to me, I would simply delete all Rome Total War folders and files and then use CCleaner to clean out the registry. After that the PC should be clean enough to reinstall the game.
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