Problem When Trying to Rip My DVDs

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Sep 1, 2007
  1. Okay, so, I'm trying to rip some episodes from some DVDs of mine, and I downloaded a DVDRipper, and discovered that it was copy-protected (well, drat). So, I then used DVD Decrypter, which rip the episodes just fine. The bad thing is, they can only be viewed in PowerDVD, and they're huge files. The files say they are MPEG format, and I want to convert them to AVI. I downloaded an MPEG to AVI converter, but when I went to put the input files in, they didn't even see the MPEGs in the folder they were in. Somehow, I need to re-encode the files to something besides MPEG (Best would probably be MPEG-4) to be able to convert them to AVI, but I have no idea how to do this.
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  3. Sorakachan

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    This website confuses me for some reason O_o
  4. Samstoned

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    please refrain from pirating copy protected materail
    however you can do copy to copy or dvd to dvd copy as a backup in most states
    this can takes hours to do
    good luck
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    Yeah, I'm not pirating anything, I just want back-ups of the movies on my computer since my parents plan to keep the series while I go to college and beyond..and that means no watching for Though I want to also be able to make music vids of the show, so I need some format that can work with Windows Movie Maker, and this format doesn't. Not to mention the format it's currently in 1GB a file, which is taking up WAY too much space.
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    there's loads of software that does this
    some only do vob format and then you have to convert to avi
    some will direct convert to avi
    you will need to check what softs work for you
    conversion can take like 2 to 4 hrs
    lookup freerip I don't know how to use

    dvd rip tut

    good luck
  7. mopar man

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    I have made a backup of my dvd's due to the fact that people tend to want to mess them up. Magic DVD Ripper is great. It will even convert it to AVI etc if you want.
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    Why not try Any DVD Converter, it can rip dvd and convert to mpeg4 or avi or other format you want.
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