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Jul 1, 2006
  1. I purchased a BFG 6800GS AGP Graphics card a few months back and have been having problems with it working lately. It worked fine for 2 months but then suddenly when the computer was on the monitor would go blank and say no signal on the screen. Then at boot up there would be extra beeps and it wouldnt boot up so i gathered this was a problem with the Graphics card. After removing and replacing the card i noticed that when seated the hole which has to be screwed in to secure it doesnt line up with the hole in the case so when its tightened, the card moves a bit out of line to its natural position. Anyway this time i loosely tightened the screw so it just held it in place and it worked for about another month then the screen just goes all strange colours a few mins after getting to desktop or loadign a game. Nothing can be done except switching off the power. I took the 6800gs out and put the old 5200fx in and everything works fine, no problems and it lines up perfectly in the motherboard with the screw hole.

    I am wondering would the cause of the problems then be to do with that the 6800gs may not be seated correctly as it moves out of position when it is secured in place with screw. Also would this be a problem with motherboard, case or graphics card?
    Any help would be great thx guys
  2. vegasgmc

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    You should be able to bend in the part of the case where the screw goes in to hold the card more securely in the slot. I had to do that once. A faulty or under powered power supply will cause problems like that with newer cards.
  3. wolfram

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    I agree with vegasgmc. What is your power supply brand, and wattage?

    If you have a generic 300-400 power supply, and a powerful CPU, then your power supply is failing to provide good, stable power.
  4. benjy20

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    Not sure what make the power supply is, my friend had it with his pc, when he had p4 3.0 ghz. 1gb ddr ram and ati x700 graphics card. Its 350W is all i know at the moment. Will have a look tomorrow at the brand if i can.
    My system specs are : 2500xp barton, 2 x 512mb and 120gb hard disk.
    Didnt think that would be to power hungry, it worked perfectly for a couple of months at the start.
    I can usually bend the case a bit, then the card seems to work for a few days or weeks sometimes but then problem seems to occur again.

    I will get back to u as soon as possible on power supply brand though, thx guys
  5. wolfram

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    Your CPU isn`t a power-hungry CPU, but anyway, give us that info on the PSU please.

    Happy weekend! :) :wave: :zzz:
  6. benjy20

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    After taking itall apart all i can get is the model number, guessing from the number its an FSP power supply :).

    Model No. FSP350-60MDN

    W/Noise Killer

    Also there are some power ratings on there which i guess i may as well include:

    DC Output 350W

    +3.3V --- 28.0A(ORG) +5V---30.0A(red) +12V---19.5A(yel)
    +5Vsb---2.0A(purp) -5V---0.3A(white) -12V---0.5A(blue)

    P.G. Signal(Gray), Ground(Black)
    (+3.3V & +5V & +12V = 320W max)
    (+3.3V & +5V = 180W max)

    Well thats everything it says on the power supply, all i can work out is that its a 350W FSP power supply, no idea about the rest :) Hope some of this is useful, cheers guys.
  7. paranoid guy

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    That psu should just about cut it with that card. Can you tell us what temperature the card is running at? Maybe the psu is stretching the card's limits a bit and it's overheating and...moving? Never heard of it myself... I have a 6800gt here with a 305w psu, it's gonna blow up any day soon :monkey:
  8. benjy20

    benjy20 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I recorded a log of the temps with rivatuner for the last time it messed up. There was no temperature changes, was running about 52 degrees when playing games then the screen messed up so checked the log when had put old graphics card in and nothing had changed. Just a slight increase in the current in 1 of the log recordings when it messed up, cant remember what exactly it was but i can check if u think it might have anything to do with it.
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