problem with ati radeon 9250 pci

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Feb 10, 2006
  1. I just bought an ATI Radeon 9250 256 pci vid card just yesterday thursday.

    i disabled the onboard vid card (my comp still works even without the actualy onboard card itself which is the intel card) i put on my ati radeon card.
    once the comp opens and i log on. i put on the cd that came with it (which is the ATI Catalist) i click Software install. then install..
    it installs the stuff.. but once its done. nothing happens. as in nothing happens it doesnt go like " Your installation has been finished, you may restart your computer now" or something.
    im using a COMPAQ Presario SR143ONX (the O might be a zero..)

    i am having trouble trying to install it and getting it to work..
    can someone tell me how please..

    this is my comp specs
    i have 512 mb of ram.
    2.93 ghz
  2. hewybo

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    What, exactly, are you expecting it to do? Does your monitor work? Does the ATI icon appear in the system tray? If so, it is installed, and probably working fine. Just replacing the onboard video with a card won't change anything until you ask the card to do something. Like play a game, go to 3D mode, etc.

    The card, in its basic function, just supplies a video signal to your monitor. That's all. Nothing exciting, nothing fancy. :confused:
  3. fate

    fate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    u dont understand.....

    its not installed at all.

    i "try" to install it. i even went on deskop properties (rightclick then properties) and went to settings then advanced. went to the graphic card section. it says no vid card is installed. i even went to the screen refresh rate to check the 200 refresh hertz the card is to give. no its not installed. but tomorrow i am going to bring my computer to futureshop with the card so they can fix it. hopefully it will work. this is just out of my reach i dont know much about this. about the right drivers and all that for this card. i thought it was simple to install..

    1.)disable the onboard card
    2.) take off the onboard card
    3.)put the new card
    4.)open the comp and put the disc

    i wished it was that simple..

    u see when i try to install it. nothing happens as in nothing.
    like.. the setup screen for the installation is still there.

    my monitor does work and no the ati tray icon doesnt show.
  4. hewybo

    hewybo TS Maniac Posts: 435

    more info

    I'm sorry I misunderstood you....... but tell me:
    You disabled the onboard video-
    you turned off the system, opened the case, and inserted the Radeon card
    you closed the case, and restarted the system
    after booting, the monitor came back on?
    you inserted the ATI CD?

    If you did these things, and the "found new hardware wizard" came up, you should click "cancel," and let the CD auto-run. If it doesn't start automatically, click "start", "run", type in the letter of your drive ( say E, for example) as- E:\setup.exe, then click OK. The installation should begin, and follow the prompts. (sometimes, when you do the E:\ thing, you'll get a drop-down with some selections from the CD, you want the .exe file, whichever it is.)

    Hope this helps- :knock:
  5. fate

    fate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yah i did that. i opened up my computer and inserted the cd. i clicked software install>install

    its installing.. but after that nothing happens

    it doesnt say "you may restart your computer now for new settings to work" nope doesnt do that
    just stays the same.

    if futureshop doesnt fix this..

    and im paying for the taxi to bring my comp to the mall.
    paying for the 35 bucks to fix it

    hopefully they will..
    and if they dont.
    im going to take the taxi back and pay again. and for what.. nothing... >.<''

    if it doesnt work ill jsut return the card

    my computer is a Comaq Presario SR1430NX
    it has 2 pci slots.
    2.93 ghz
    512 of ram
  6. fate

    fate TS Rookie Topic Starter

    one more thing.. if this helps.

    the intel card thats onboard in my computer when i first bought it..

    doesnt need to be there. as in the intel graphics will still work even the actual card isnt inserted.
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