Problem with Belkin N1 MIMO internet connection

By piscat
Oct 15, 2007
  1. Hello everyone and thank you for your patient and detailed answers that I used many times before.

    I have a Simens laptop with built in modem, I assume ‘coz I just plug the internet cable into the laptop and get connected straightaway, no passwords, nothing.

    Now I bought Belkin N1 MIMO router. As I was told in the shop I just unplugged the internet cable from my laptop and plugged it into the router. The “wireless” and the “router” lit up in blue, but the “modem” icon keeps flashing in orange and the "internet" has never lit up at all. The “wireless” icon on the PC also came up showing good signal. I then took the router back to the shop and just in case took my laptop with. The shop uses exactly the same model and my laptop picked up the signal there and I was able to log onto the internet no problem. So I guess the wireless and the modem are set up correctly on the laptop.
    They gave me another unit but when I tried it at home the same problem was still there.
    I also tried so many different options with settings, I don’t know how to go back and I uninstalled the router from laptop and it won’t allow me to install again:).
    If anybody please can help. A+
  2. jobeard

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    What internet cable coming from what? ususally we have equipment wired like
    ISP connected Modem --- wire--- system
    what's your connection type {cable,dsl} and to which ISP name?
    The laptop is setup correctly but the wireless may need some tweeks
    HUH? Uninstall the router? You likely mean the wireless adaptor for the pc to
    access the wifi router.

    Start here; WIRE the router to the system eg
    Now you can access the router configuration via your browser;
    1. set a NEW admin password
    2. change the SSID,
    3. choose a channel between 1-11 (MOVE it away from the default!)
    4. leave encryption off for now.
    5. enable the wireless transmitter
    Save the config and restart the router. Your router is prepared for WiFi access.

    Your system (in the wired configuration) should be able to access the web

    From here you need the wireless adaptor on your PC to be configured.
    Some models have a switch or control to enable/disable WiFi so be sure yours
    is enabled!.
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