Problem with DVD writing


I have a Blue-Ray Drive on my HP-G70 120. I am running on WIndows 7. Recently, my blue-ray drive has been disturbing a lot. I wrote to CDs and DVDs before, and it worked fine. Also, I can read from the discs, so I dont think there is a problem with the laser, rather I suspect some problem with the software.

My Problems are:
    1. Clicking on the drive icon says its a blank disc, though the disc is not.
    2. While at other times, ejecting the drive from windows or from the button says "An error occurred while ejecting BD-ROM". At other times it ejects fine.
    3. I burned some files onto a CD that already had 80MB written on it, using BurnAware. Now, after burning, only the previous (80MB) are present there, but no sign of the newest write. Also, it shows "0 bytes free of 80MB" when clicking properties on the drive icon in Windows Explorer.

So How do I fix these problems?

Thank You
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I am new to techspot, so is this the right forum?

And I am using BurnAware to burn the CDs. I am on Windows 7