Problem with home LAN/Networking

By SiNz
Oct 3, 2006
  1. I'm having trouble setting up a home LAN/Network connection between two computers. Both computers are connected to a 4-port broadband router directly using ethernet cords. They both can connect to the internet fine with no connectivity problems, but they just can't seem to read each other. I would like to try to enable file sharing between the computers and most of all achieve LAN gaming abilities. The funny thing is that one game can do LAN in between the two computers but the rest can't pick up each other. I have done the Windows XP setup wizard for home/office network setup and I've tried about 10 million combinations between the two computers on setting it up and I've run out of ideas. Both of the computers are on Windows XP and have 100mb Ethernet LAN Cards on CAT-5 Ethernet cords. One computer has regular Windows Firewall while the other has Norton Internet Security. I've even disabled both of them and even tried to allow them to permit each other by allowing IP range access and opening up the ports for signals. I can ping/trace the computers between the two on both of them, which means they should be able to read each other, but when it comes to directly connecting they just don't seem to go through. If anyone has any ideas/suggestions/methods I would strongly appreciate it; thanks!
  2. Rik

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    Get rid of norton, it causes far more problems than any other bit of software currently available. Doing that alone may fix your problem!!!
  3. Samstoned

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    norton can still be running as service even if you turned it off
    terrible program
    I was pointed to a good free firewall comodo give it a try
    use on both machines
    for now have fun removing norton that in itself is headache
    the have there own uninstaller to remove plus a guide on what the uninstall does not ( isn't that nice)
    once this is done see if you can share
    if running home edition both need to use the same admin log in and password
    then in safe mode add network to the securitys and share
    tell us your exact config for the router and nics
  4. Rick

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    It sounds like your file sharing is not setup properly since it appears your firewall is not blocking your connection locally.

    Do you get any error messages when you try to connect to a computer? Is the problem they just don't show up in your workgroup? What happens if you try opening Windows Explorer and type in \\Computer_Name ?

    Windows commicates via SMB (Windows file sharing) over NetBIOS (NetBT - NetBIOS over TCP/IP). NetBIOS over Internet is considered bad and uses ports 135-139 - these should be blocked for sure. However, 2000 and XP also use port 445 to broadcast SMB and you may want to make sure this port is open when you re-enable your firewall (assuming you have issues afterwards) since Windows may need these to make your computers browsable over the network.

    I agree to get rid of Norton by the way. Other programs do what it does way better and Norton has all sorts of terrible, basic install, uninstall, and usage issues.
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