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Dec 24, 2007
  1. I just bought my new acer laptop (aspire 4315). And there is a system called linpus allready installed .. However my problem is when I try to install windows xp it show me this message "setup did not find any hard drives installed in your computer" . Any idea how to fix this . Thanks
  2. Kchitij

    Kchitij TS Rookie

    Your Laptop has SATA HDD on it. All you have to do is to get in touch with either the Laptop vendor who sold you the laptop or call Acer and ask them for the SATA HDD drivers.
  3. chamillitarysk8

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    your gonna need a XP cd with the SATA HDD drivers on it (Hint: you can make one using nlite and the drivers for the drive and a blank CD) To get the drivers you should go to the Acer website
  4. vishgr8

    vishgr8 TS Rookie

    Problem is not in the hard disk.. You need to change the HDD settings from BIOS....

    The OS which comes with Aspire 4315 has a version of linux installed .. now windows doesnot detect linux partitions... and thats y the error "Cannot find Hard Disk"

    Plz follow the steps given below:

    Change the settings at your own risk.

    1. While restarting the system Press F2.
    2. Go to "Main" menu.
    3. Change your SATA Mode to "IDE"
    4. Make your CD drive first bootable device.

    All the Best!!!!
  5. Samstoned

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    before you do what vishgr8 suggested
    I would read up on this conversion you may loose some options that sata controller gives you
    intel controller specs
    if you do this you can't go back without reformat of drive from what I have read
    I would go with the get the sata drivers route first if I where you
    hopefully you have a floppy drive for that laptop
    if not slipstreaming is the only thing left
    I have done this works very well for most part
  6. Ingrid

    Ingrid TS Rookie

    Thanks for your reply,I already have solved the problem!!

    Hi Samstoned,

    Thanks for your great reply,I already have solved the problem!!

    with kindest regards
    Ingrid :)
  7. Ingrid

    Ingrid TS Rookie

    Hi I have solved problems!!!! Thanks

    Hi vishgr8,

    Thanks for your great reply,I already have solved the problem!!

    with kindest regards
    Ingrid :)
  8. Ingrid

    Ingrid TS Rookie

    Hi Kchitij, Thanks for your reply

    Hi Kchitij,
    Thanks for your input, already solved the Problem!

    with kindest regards
  9. Ingrid

    Ingrid TS Rookie

    Hi chamillitarysk8...solved it Thanks

    Hi chamillitarysk8,
    Great help Thanks!!

    with kindest regards
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