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May 21, 2006
  1. I have been having great problems recently, hopefully i can get 2 answers from this thread. Firstly, when i right click my recycle bin apart from "empty recycle bin" there is also the option to "empty norton protected files." When I click it it tells me weather or not i want to PURGE my files. If i click yes then i can free up 2 1.5 gigs on my comp! - My first question is what does the function do, and what does it delete to free so much space?

    My second question is the bit i am having probems with, recently when I have right clicked on the recycle bin to "purge" the protected files my cusor stalls on the sand timer, nothing happens, everything slowly crashes and the only way i can recover it is by using task manager to end explorer.exe then new task the explorer again to get it up.

    I dont think that a HJT log would be any use for this problem, therefore i have not attached one. I am 100% sure that i am 100% free of adware/spyware/trojans/viruses/etc. and have used every program reccomended by you and many more.

    I hope you can help. Thanks
  2. howard_hopkinso

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    This sounds like a Norton crapware problem to me.

    The best advice I can give you is to uninstall Norton and get the free AVG antivirus programme and the free Zonealarm firewall from HERE and HERE.

    After you have downloaded those, disconnect from the net and completely uninstall Norton from add remove programmes in your control panel. You will probably need to do this in several bits.

    Once Norton is gone, reboot your computer and install Zonealarm, followed by AVG. Reboot your system and then reconnect to the net. Run the AVG updates and do a complete system scan from safe mode.

    Apart from anything else, you will probably see a marked improvement of your system speeds. This is because Norton is a resource hogger.

    Then download and run the Ccleaner programme from HERE.

    Finally run a disk defrag.

    Regards Howard :)
  3. Sjbrand99

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    Thank you for replying but i still have a problem. I still would like to know where the purged files come from. Also i have ccleaner + avg + zonelabs pro with firewall. Norton is not a resourece hogger on my comp. because i only have system works which i cannot afford to delete because it has many tools for pc maintanance (like an amazing defrag) that are too useful. I do not have antivirus though but i once did, i think that it might have left behind some components that hack me off. My task manager says that i still have about 4 processes accosiated with it running. They cant be to do with systemworks because it isn't a background program (thus not being a resourece hogger) but i still have processes linked with norton/symantech.

  4. howard_hopkinso

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    Take a look at this thread HERE. It deals with the Norton protected recycle bin problems.

    Regards Howard :)
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    Norton is kind of stupid that way, but I have a question. What Norton program are you using? Also, I tried installing AVG on my system and it said it failed to install because of a registry problem. Try looking up "purge" in a dictionary and tell us what it means. (I'm only 12. It's not part of my vocabulary.) Also, I would like to see system specs.
  6. Sjbrand99

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    Just so that this post is legit, -

    Purge: #

    1. To free from impurities; purify.
    2. To remove (impurities and other elements) by or as if by cleansing.

    Basicly to remove the files.

    Edit: Please refrain from making confrontational remarks.
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