Problem with old modem

By yotangy
Feb 23, 2005
  1. Problem with old modem (no rhyme intended)

    I have this old computer with an old modem and it started acting up recently after 6 years. It had worked smoothly until now.

    I would try to sign on, but there would be no dial tone. I know that my phone line is working, because I can dial out. The problem is apparently on my computer than the phone line because I didn't hear the initial *ding* sound. In other words, it didn't even try to dial.

    So I went to Device Manager in Control Panel > System to remove the device. Once it's uninstalled, I restart the computer and Windows 98 would recognize that there is a new modem and I would install the driver from the CD-ROM. It would work, but once I restart the computer again, the problem described above would come up again.

    So basically, I have to uninstall and reinstall my modem every time I want to get online. And that's obviously, really annoying. Any ideas? I am stuck.

    By the way, the driver I am using is the original CD-ROM that came with the computer when I bought it. It's called 3D Multimedia Pack which is probably not too well-known.
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    You need to give us the specifics of that modem. Maybe take it out and write down all the details you can find, incl. the name on top of the biggest black chip that you can find.
    That 3D name is nowhere to be found, but you could always try to install the W98 generic 56K or V90 modem-drivers.

    The modem being that old, when you have it out, use an eraser and rub all the contacts on the modem on both sides. clean off the eraser-leftovers, then reinsert. Might have just corroded a bit.
  3. tom_pearson

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    or... go buy a new one? even pc world have them at £11! :haha:
  4. yotangy

    yotangy TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Actually, the modem is on my home computer. I am at school now. That's why I can't give a more detailed spec. I think I'll just take the modem on my school computer home to try it out the next time I go back.

    The reason I posted this thread though, is that I suspect it's a software/driver problem. The hardware appears to work, as long as you go through the uninstall/reinstall cycle every time. So I am suspecting there's some errors in software. I reinstalled the (original) driver as well many times so I didn't think it was the driver. I was suspecting something else. Not exactly sure what it is though.
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