Problem with opening D Drive

By ati2400
Jan 19, 2007
  1. I have Windows XP. Recently I got a virus so I decided to reinstall windows. I moved everything I wanted to keep onto D drive, and deleted C drive and re-partitioned it into C Drive and F Drive. I then reinstalled windows and all my programs onto C. I didn't touch D during this whole process.

    Now, whenever I click on D drive to open it. Windows displays a message saying: "Please go to the control panel to install and configure system components." I have to right click and select open from the menu to access the drive.

    I have already tried looking for autorun.inf and deleting it, but I can't find any file like that on D drive. How do I fix this problem? It's really annoying.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    No idea why this is happening, but as a shortcut why not copy all the data of D to C or F and then use disk management to delete and recreate the D drive.

  3. ati2400

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    Uhhh.... Theres 50 GB of stuff on D, and C & F combined are only 20 GB.
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