Problem with routers and many clients

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Mar 11, 2008
  1. Hello!

    I'm new to TechSpot and I hope my problem would solve here.

    Here's the scenario:

    In our school we have
    41 computers - - Computer Lab
    1 computer - - Server
    40 Clients
    In 40 Clients, they are connected in 1 x 16 ports and 1 x 24 ports hub and switch respectively. Then connected in D Link Router.

    21 Computers - - Offices
    20 Computers - - Offices
    1 Computer - - Server

    They are connected in 1 x 24 switch and in 1 x D Link router which is also connected to the Computer Lab.

    The main connection of the internet is in the computer lab, the modem router is connected to the router in the computer lab.

    Now, my problem is how does the computers in computer lab and computers in the offices meet because the teachers will get the file of their students in the computer lab by network sharing. Also this is use to Administer all computers in the school by a server.

    Thanks a lot and more power.
  2. Nodsu

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    Please do not hijack threads.

    Your post is not very clear. How many switches and hubs do you have? How many routers? How exactly are thay all connected? Maybe try again with a drawing that shows what is connected to what.
  3. jobeard

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    #3 first. Sounds like the Admin on the server controls all clients (students and staff).
    Q? Is this a Domain Controller(D.C.) and everyone uses server logon validation?

    #1 sharing is by Domain or Workgroup. If you're not using the D.C. approach,
    then all computers must have the same workgroup name;
    right-clk My Computer->properties->Computer Name tab->Click Change
    enter the Exact Same Name (Upper n Lower case sensitive) on all computers

    All firewalls will need ports135,138,139,445 to be opened
    on the windows firewall, click the Exceptions Tab and enable Print/File sharing

    Organization of the Shares will be an issue;
    assume each Teacher has a unique Folder, perhaps subfolders per class

    Students will need to Map Shares and have write permission to the folder(s)
    drag-n-drop from student to teacher\class\
  4. brutruburudur

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    Here's a sample scenario to easily understand my problem.

    3 computers and wireless router connected to wired router

    wired router >> Computer 1
    >> Computer 2
    >> Computer 3
    >> Wireless router >> Computer 1
    >> Computer 2
    >> Computer 3

    How does the computers from wired router and computers from wireless router meet?
  5. Nodsu

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    OK. I assume the wireless router is hooked to the wired router using the WAN port on the wireless router? Did you have a reason to do that or you just didn't know what you were doing?

    If it is the latter, then you should do a search and see our many, many, many threads about people asking the same question all over again - how to connect two routers.

    If it is the former (you actually have a reason for this kind of setup), then you have to set up port forwarding rules on the wireless router to allow traffic from the external LAN to the internal LAN.
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