Problem with USB 2.0 Speed

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Jan 10, 2005
  1. Can any one tell me why I cant get full speed when transfering data from my external HDD back to the computer, it comes up with an error and loses sight of the HDD all together, after I reboot and change the cable over to a USB 1 connection it works fine but at really slow speed. I have the ext. set to master as described in the instructions and both the computer and the external are USB 2.0 compliant....its a complete nightmare as I am moving about 30gigs at a time and it takes forever(about 8 hours) which is like a lifetime my computer will be out of date before the data is moved
  2. zephead

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    ensure that:
    a) your cable us USB 2.0 compliant
    b) it is plugged into a USB 2.0 port
    c) your bios is set to allow USB 2.0
    d) your operating system supports USB 2.0 and is updated

    some cases have front panel USB ports, not all of these ports may be usb 2 compliant. use one physically attached to the back panel of your mobo when in doubt.
  3. towie964

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    usb speed problems

    I have checked cable is usb 2 compliant, and it is plugged into a powered usb 2 hub, operating system is xp with service pack 2, how do i check the bios settings are correct?
    Thank you for your reply by the way it is appreciated
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    You can speed up the transfer tremendously by usin a program like Winzip or Winrar.
    Make a zip/rar-file of a load of directories, incl. subdirectories etc. Collect about 5GB per ZIP/RAR file. Then you will have to transfer only a few files, rather than umpteen thousand, which is enormously process-intensive.
  5. zephead

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    try plugging it DIRECTLY into the mobo, bypassing the hub, and ensure the said measures above have been observed. you can gte into your bios by pressing a certain key or stroke at startup. if your screen doesn't show you this at boot time and you don't know what, refer to your owner's manual. oem systems have screwey bios's, by the way.
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