Problem with video card

By darkzero85
Oct 8, 2005
  1. Ok I have a major problem. I have gotten two different video cards for my computer. I have installed them exactly the way I am supposed to and everything. Disabled my onboard graphics card....WELL, When i restart my computer, when the monitor is plugged into my new graphics card, It never powers on the monitor. Neither graphics card worked. I can plug it back into the origional one, and it turns the monitor on, jsut with the graphic options for the disabled video card. I need help cause I dont think it is something that needs to be dealt with by paying for it.....PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!!
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Hello! Welcome to TechSpot!

    What are your system specs?
    Do you intend to run both cards?
    Either way, remove them both, does the on board still work?
    Uninstall any driver in windows for the onboard video.
    reboot into bios, disable onboard video set first boot display pci/agp.
    Shut down to off and install one vid card. Boot up to windows install drivers.
    Shutdown to off, install second video, boot to windows, install drivers
    for second vid card. This should work barring anything that may come up.
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