Problems connecting TV or XBox to Home Network using WMP11?

By Dave991
Jun 29, 2009
  1. I'll share with you both the problem and the solution that came my way.
    You might have seen it already, but this is my first post, OK. :wave:

    My new Sony TV has a RJ45 port for connection to the local network, so I installed the CAT5 cable. The TV auto detects the IPs etc beautifully.
    In Windows Media Player I can add the TV under Library/Media Sharing. I can ping the IP address of the TV OK but the TV can't see anything as a server.

    After days of surfing I find this: media-technology/657632.htm (drop the spaces etc, haven't got to 5 posts yet :blush:)
    Just read the last post..(28/03/2007). This Alex bloke seems real helpful!

    DRM rights issue. Followed the instructions, turned the TV off & on and :grinthumb

    I did it on a different machine and just emptied the hidden DRM & Cache directories and it worked fine.

    So how come a problem identified with WMP10 in 2007 is still in WMP11 in 2009??

    Hope this make it a little easier for someone else.:D

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