Problems faced in download of Windows 10 builds

  1. To introduce myself I’m Mr. Viraf P Chinoy from Mumbai – India.

    I've been a windows insider from 02-10-2014 onwards & have been regularly installing the new builds as per my convenience on to my PC & Not as & when are released by M/s. MS. At an average I install 2 builds every month & I’ve just installed build 14361 early this morning onto my PC.

    Initially there was no separate Fast & Slow tracks as defined by M/s. MS for Insiders. Also we had the option if we wanted we can download the latest build at our own free will.

    Now the 2 tracks are supposed to be Slow --> will get installed as & when it becomes imperative for M/s. MS. Fast --> What best is decided by M/s. MS they will auto push the latest build on to our PC. This is irrespective of whether we want it or not?? Pl tell me if my understanding is correct or not?

    The monthly limit as set by my ISP is 33 GB. Until May-16 every month I was using between 40-50 GB / month. So I was paying a nominal extra amount to my ISP for the extra usage that was OK. Now in May-2016 it has gone up to 82GB which is almost 50 GB above my limit. That is too much.

    All this while I was using my Insider account to login to my PC but from 1st June onwards I’ve created a new account (which is not Insider) to see how it fares? In the 1st 10 days alone I’ve used over 14 GB & 4 GB in the latest build this morning.

    In the Settings Menu options, I’ve set the below options:-

    1. Under ’Windows Insider’ option Slow is selected by me. I periodically keep an eye on it & see that it auto becomes Fast many a times. Keeping it or changing it will not have the desired effect & new builds will still get auto downloaded. For ‘stop preview build’ option I’d marked 5 days but I doubt if it will make any major difference for my PC at all.
    2. Under ‘Windows update’ --> Advanced option, ‘Defer feature updates’ is ticked as well.`
    Despite both the above options being chosen / selected, I find that both with my Insider / Non-Insider accounts the download usage seems to be restricted for only a day or two & after that it again goes into its own & downloads huge amount of data. For what is this is not clear / clarified by anyone at all. Even if I assume some usage of wi-fi for my Cells the total usage remains a Mystery?

    Sincerely request you to please share on this info amongst Techspot members & see what is the best solution to my problem. This will enable me to keep my Net usage to around 40-50 GB / Month.

    Now I'm even re-considering my decision to become an Insider.

    Note: All reference of M/s. MS in this letter means M/s. Microsoft.

    I'm sorry but the description of the problem had to be explained in great details & hence it is LONG.

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